Friday, October 09, 2015

12C: Mr Halsey blog feedback

I've now had a chance to have a proper look at your blogs - and there is some brilliant work! 

It's so important to make a strong start to Year 12 because the year passes in a flash and the key skills of organisation and managing workload are particularly crucial in Media.

Your feedback is contained in this document - scroll through to find your own individual comments.

Your learner response task is as follows:

1) Create a blogpost called 'Blog feedback learner response'

2) Copy and paste your feedback into the blogpost

3) Complete the learner response task

Note: if you are missing any pieces of work your learner response is also to complete those. When they are done, update this learner response post with links to the missing work.

Institution: CoolBrands research

Our next key concept is Narrative - but I noticed a website that fits perfectly with the work we've been doing on Institution so we're going to do one more lesson on brands.

There is an organisation called CoolBrands who publish a list of the coolest brands in Britain every year. There is a paper version with the Observer newspaper and a website with details and videos/links. Unfortunately, the website is blocked in school - I don't know why.

Instead, visit this Independent newspaper Media feature on the CoolBrands research and look at the images for the top 20 brands. Then, complete the following tasks:

1) Choose five brands from the top 20 that YOU personally admire and explain what you like about them.

2) For each of those five brands, write a sentence/paragraph summing up their brand values. Remember: brand values are the words or qualities that the brand would like to be associated with. You may also wish to use Dyer's Lines of Appeal theory here.

3) Lastly, explain why you think those five brands made the list of the coolest brands in Britain. What is cool about them?

Complete for homework if you don't get it finished in the lesson.

Thursday, October 08, 2015


We have watched some superb clips for cinematography, learning the importance of camera shots, angle and movement.

Your cinematography homework is as follows:

1) Find the opening sequence to a film of your choice on YouTube. 

2) Embed the video in a blogpost and write an analysis of the cinematography. 

3) Highlight your use of Media language and try to cover camera shots, angles and movement using the terminology we have learned in lessons.

This must be a minimum of 250 words but you may wish to write more than this.

Due: next week (day specified by your Film Language teacher)

Media Awards nominations 2015

We are proud to announce the Media Awards nominations for 2015!

A Level

Best Y12 Cinematography
Labrat (Tejas, Ammar & Leila)
Ransom (Kunal, Ahmed & Zubair)
Second Level South (Kishan & Kacper)

Best Y12 Sound Design
Conscience (Alison, Sarika, Serenna & Sophia K)
Clairvoyance (Shanara & Daine)
One Girl’s Story (Ashmita, Dhruvina & Sarese)

Best Y12 Production Design
Problematic (Izzah, Tina & Sophia Q)
Ransom (Kunal, Ahmed & Zubair)
Tribulations (Abdishakur, Blitz, Hussein & Shivum)

Best Y12 Dialogue/Voiceover
The Experiment (Rabia)
Second Level South (Kishan & Kacper)
In Mind (Lee, Luke, Ryan & Kirath)

Best Y12 Original Screenplay
Off The Corner (Mansour & Abdiasis)
The Experiment (Rabia)
Labrat (Tejas, Ammar & Leila)

Best Y12 Film Editing
Follow Me (Harmony, Samsam & Jasmine)
Tribulations (Abdishakur, Blitz, Hussein & Shivum)
Trace (Indera)


Best GCSE Cinematography 
Chandelier – Sia - Imani
Everytime- Loreen - Amrit
It G Ma – Keith Ape - Abhisek
On My Way – Charlie Brown – Sylwia & Yasmin
Run Boy Run - Woodkid – Abdi, Mamduh & Mohammed A

Best GCSE Editing
Birthday Card – Example – Shivam
Major Lazer – Watch Out For This – Anjali, Brianna & Klea
Rap God – Eminem - Akash
SchoolboyQ – The Purge - Amar 
Stranger – Jhene Aiko - Era 

Best GCSE Music Video Concept
7/11 – Beyonce - Jaya
Hold On – Skepta – Danish
Recovery – James Arthur - Amina
These are the songs – Bashy - Daniel
Zombie – The Pretty Reckless - Sophie

Best Actor & Actress

Best Actor
Mr Artus - Mithras
Viraj Juneja - Copyrighter
Rahul Malik - Clairvoyance
Chandell Williams – Labrat

Best Actress
Shirin Alaa – The Experiment
Tyra Brown - Ransom
Devi Joshi - Clairvoyance
Emily Rhodes – Pocket dreams

Congratulations to ALL our Media students from last year – there were some incredibly difficult decisions, particularly with so many music videos to choose from at GCSE level.

The Media Awards takes place on Tuesday 20 October.

The theme is LAS VEGAS which means dressing to impress!

Tickets are £3 if you buy before Friday 16 October (£5 afterwards) and available from the Media department.

See you there!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Institution: Brand values

According to Gillian Dyer (Advertising as Communication, 1988) advertisers use, among other techniques, lines of appeal to create brand identities and attract their target audience.

Institutions use these images, references or suggestions to tap into our desires and make us ‘feel part’ of the brand. Dyer suggested lines of appeal could be classified into 13 groups:
  • Happy families - everyone wants to belong 
  • Rich, luxurious lifestyles - aspirational 
  • Dreams and fantasy 
  • Successful romance and love 
  • Elite people or experts 
  • Glamorous places 
  • Successful careers 
  • Art, culture & history
  • Nature & the natural world 
  • Beautiful women - men AND women like looking at beautiful women, so the thinking goes: men admire them, women admire what makes the men admire them. 
  • Self-importance & pride 
  • Comedy & humour 
  • Childhood - can appeal to either nostalgia or to nurturing instincts 

Brand values task 100-10-1

Choose 5 brands. For EACH brand:

1) Sum up the brand values in 100 words, making reference to Dyer’s lines of appeal.

2) Distil the brand values into one sentence of no more than 10 words. 

3) Sum up the brand in ONE word.

Example: Starbucks

1) The Starbucks brand is clever because it comes across as a friendly, local-style company when it is in fact a massive global business. Its brand values would be about quality, lifestyle and a personal touch.  Starbucks could fit into several of Dyer’s lines of appeal: Happy families - everyone wants to belong, hence Starbucks asking your name when you order. It could also fit into Successful careers – Starbucks is for hard-working, successful people who want to enjoy life. Finally, Self-importance and pride links to Starbucks taking coffee seriously and its employees and customers having genuine passion for the brand. (100 words)

2) The Starbucks brand is about quality with a personal touch. (10 words)

3) Starbucks in one word: Passion.

Due: Friday (12C)

Extension task:

Research Innocent drinks

What brand values would you associate with Innocent? Why might their takeover by Coca Cola threaten those brand values?

Does your opinion of the brand change once you know they are owned by Coca Cola?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Film language: Sound presentations and homework

This is always a great lesson - seeing your parallel and contrapuntal sound presentations. When they are done, we'll watch the last two clips analysing sound then you'll need to complete the following tasks on your blog:

Presentation feedback/learner response
  • Upload your presentation/collages along with a YouTube/Soundcloud link to the music you chose. Remember to embed your presentation in your blog post using Google Slides (you must upload it to Google Drive first).
  • Type up your feedback and then reflect on your work. Add three WWWs and three EBIs underneath the feedback I've given you.
  • Learner response: compare your presentation against your evaluation of the top three presentations in the class. Who did you think was best and why?

Sound task
Find a film clip on YouTube that uses sound in an interesting way. Analyse the use of sound, making sure you use the key language we have learned about sound in film:
  • Diegetic and non-diegetic sound
  • Parallel and contrapuntal sound
  • Sound bridges

Remember to discuss/analyse all the different types of sound present in the clip:
  • Music
  • Dialogue
  • Voiceover
  • Sound effects
You also need to highlight or put in bold any use of media language.

Complete for homework - due next week.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Year 12: Institution feedback and learner response

Once we've finished teaching our lessons on some of the biggest media institutions in the world, we need to put our feedback on our blogs. Complete the following:

1) Upload your lesson on your blog (make sure you embed your presentation in your blog - upload it to Google drive, open in Google Slides and then choose File > Publish to the web)

2) Type up the feedback I give your group on your blog (this needs to be done individually)

3) Use this feedback and your own reflection to write three WWWs (What Went Well) and three EBIs (Even Better If) below my feedback on your blogpost.

4) Write a sentence for each of the seven institutions we have covered in these lessons. How much have we learned?

  1. Trinity Mirror
  2. BSkyB
  3. News Corporation
  4. Sony
  5. Vivendi
  6. Time Warner
  7. Viacom
5) Research the three institutions that weren't selected in the original draw:
  • The BBC
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Comcast
Find out all the key details for these institutions (history, ownership, influence etc.) and write at least 150 words on each of them plus a final sentence that sums up the entire institution.

Complete for homework if you don't finish it in the lesson - due next week.